Atlanta Born Art.


D.Mani Studios seeks to educate, empower, and inspire through the promotion and creation of various art forms in an effort to push a growing appreciation for art, however it may present itself. Our brand is a symbol of free expression in its rawest form.

D.Mani Studios is a platform that has been created for the purpose of sharing art with those who need it as much as we do. The artwork sold and displayed by D.Mani Studios is narrative of the experiences, ideas, and thoughts expressed by those around us as well as our own. Like any other language, art is dynamic. It evolves. It defines entire cultures and entire communities.


D.Mani Studios exists as a bridge between ART and THE COMMUNITY. We create and sell artwork reflective of the culture, the joys and the struggles. Through this art work we strive to teach and inspire the children of the next generation. Shopping with our brand means that you are providing Atlanta area children with shoes, with mentors, with education, and more.


It is our vision to invest in our community unconditionally and without bounds. It is our vision that, in using visual art to educate and to inspire one another we will pave a healthier tomorrow for our children.

Mission Statament

Our objective is to inspire the children of today to want a brighter tomorrow by teaching them to keep their hearts open, their minds wandering, and their spirits free.


Upcoming Projects

  • Children’s Books

  • Poetry Publications

  • NEW Artwork


  • Our Youtube Channel has officially launched

  • Now Accepting Commissions

  • 16x24 Give away now thru 10/31.